RMI5010 Datasheet

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Datasheet for RMI5010 virtual HMI.

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1. • Access system control via computer, iPad, or Android tablet/smart phone • 256MB Flash memory, 256MB RAM • 32-bit RISC CPU, 600MHz • 2 Ethernet ports • 3 serial ports • USB host port • SD card slot • Built-in RTC • 35mm DIN rail mount • Isolated power supply • Use in conjunction with optional RMI5090 Remote HMI RMI5010 Smart Device Compatible HMI The Maple Systems RMI5010 is a compact, robust HMI that allows you to use an Apple iPad, Android tablet, or Android smart phone to access your industrial control system. Check for status updates and alarm conditions from anywhere in the plant with ease. Compact and versatile, the RMI5010 can: • Communicate with up to 3 display devices at one time, in any combination of an Apple iPad, Android tablet/ phone, or the optional RMI5090 • Use a Wi-Fi router to connect to tablet and/or smart phone devices • Connect to and use the optional hardwired RMI5090 as a local mounted display Confi guration is easy—simply connect to your computer using EZwarePlus confi guration software. Download your project, install the free cMT Viewer app, locate the RMI5010 and connect. Combined with EZwarePlus, the RMI5010 offers a wide range of features including alarm management, email support, batch recipes, data logging, enhanced security, and more. Lightweight and compact, mount the RMI5010 to a DIN rail to share space with your PLC. Ethernet connectivity and three serial ports support compatibility with most PLCs. The RMI5010 is an excellent solution to help you meet your control needs. Every Machine Needs the Human Touch www.maplesystems.com The powerful RMI5010 is an HMI controller without display. Connect directly to the RMI5090 9.7” display or use a wireless router to communicate with an Apple iPad or Android tablet/smart phone.

2. RMI5010 Specifications Maple Systems, Inc. 808 134th St SW, Suite 120, Everett, WA 98204 425.745.3229 • 425.745.3429 (fax) • Email: maple@maple-systems.com • www.maplesystems.com DS-RMI5010, Rev00 Printed in USA February 2015 Dimensions Dimensions in inches [mm] A SD Card Slot B USB 2.0 Host Port C Ethernet Port 1 D Ethernet Port 2 E DE9P Com Port 1, 2, & 3 F Power Plug G Reset Button H DIP Switches Legend Environmental Operating Temperature -4 ~ 131°F (-20 ~ 55°C) Storage Temperature -4° ~ 158°F (-20 ~ 70°C) Relative Humidity 10% ~ 90% (non-condensing) Shock (operation) 10 to 25Hz (X, Y, Z direction, 2G, 30 minutes) Raitings IP20 Certifi cations CE, cULus, RoHS Mechanical Enclosure Plastic - charcoal grey Dimensions (WxHxD) 5.12 x 4.53 x 1.06 inches [130 x 115 x 27mm] Weight 0.40 lbs [0.18kg] Mounting 35mm DIN rail or wall mount Power Requirements 24VDC, 230mA nominal Specifi cations subject to change without notice. Hardware CPU Type ARM Cortex A8 600 MHz Memory 256MB Flash, 256MB DRAM SD Card Slot SD/SDHC Ethernet Port 10/100/1000M x 2 Serial Ports Com1: RS-232 Com2: RS-485, 2 or 4 wire Com3: RS-485, 2 wire Audio N/A USB Ports 1 host 2.0 port RTC Built-in (CR1225 3V lithium battery) HDMI Port N/A Bottom View DIN Rail Slot & Locking Foot [Wall Mount] DIN Rail Slot & Locking Foot [Wall Mount] Side View 4.88” [124 ] 4.92” [125] Side View G H A Top View Back View 5.11” [129.7 ] Front View C B D E 1.06” [27] F


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