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DCI Videos and Tutorials

How to Update Peplink Firmware

In this video Frontier's Calvin Maison take you through the steps to upgrade the Firmware in a Peplink or Pepwave device.

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DCI Videos and Tutorials
How to Update Peplink Firmware

In this video Frontier's Calvin Maison take you through the steps to upgrade the Firmware in a Peplink or Pepwave device.

DCI Videos and Tutorials
InControl - SD-WAN Provisioning

Provisioning SD-WAN configurations to endpoints used to take hours. With InControl, you can now build your PepVPN network in one minute. Simply open the PepVPN configurator, select your topography, and select your peers.

DCI Videos and Tutorials
InControl - Zero touch provisioning

Walkthrough of InControl's Zero-touch provisioning capabilities.
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Maple Systems Touchscreens
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DCI Videos and Tutorials
Converting EZWare Applications from Previous Versions

This document provides the guidelines for converting an application from EZware-500 and EZware-5000 to EZwarePlus. This document provides details about the upgrade process and materials needed.

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RMI5001 - Remote Display HMI

Maple Systems RMI5001 - Remote HMI, allows the use of any HDMI or DVI compatible TV or monitor to become a Graphic HMI operator interface. High definition output resolution is 1280 by 720 pixels, giving you many options for display size. Critical processes can be monitored by plant personnel using a wall-mount display, easily visible from any location.
The RMI5001 connects to the most popular controllers - over 100 different PLC drivers available. EZware configuration software simplifies creating custom screens for the operator interface to fit any application.

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Maple Systems Graphic HMI 5000L Series

At 1.3" thin [1.6" on the 10" model], this slim-line Machine Interface packs quite a punch and is optimal for environments with limited enclosure space. The HMI5000L Series comes in 7" [HMI5070L] and 10" [HMI5100L] display sizes with a grey, impact-resistant enclosure.

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DCI Videos and Tutorials
Aprisa SR+ Datasheet FCC IC English

4RF Aprisa SR+ Smart, secure, industry-leading speed licensed point-to-multipoint SCADA communications for industrial monitoring and control for the electricity, water, oil and gas industries

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4RF - Aprisa SR+

4RF designs and manufactures high performance licensed radio equipment for critical infrastructure applications. Our customers include utilities, public safety, homeland security and military organisations, oil, gas and mining, transport and telecommunications operators.

Our products extend the reach of critical communications infrastructure, providing more distance, more data and superior reliability. 4RF products combine a standards-based approach, excellent RF performance, extreme robustness and ease of use.

The Aprisa SR point-to-multipoint SCADA radio, operating in both VHF and UHF licensed spectrum bands, provides secure communications for monitoring and control applications. It is used by water and electricity utilities to manage the assets throughout their distribution networks.

The Aprisa XE licensed point-to-point microwave link, operating in a number of licensed spectrum bands below 3 GHz, provides long distance, carrier-class communications. It is renowned for its ability to make links that other products simply cannot, such as long distances, over water and in inhospitable climates and terrains.

All products are manufactured in New Zealand, home of 4RF's headquarters, and we now have customers in more than 130 countries around the world. We are currently recruiting new developers to join our rapidly growing research and development team.

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Cellular vs. Private Radio
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DCI Videos and Tutorials
Cradlepoint - Port Forwarding

Port forwarding using Cradelpoint V6 firmware.

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Cradlepoint - Firmware 6.0 New UI First Look

With the release of Firmware version 6.0, Cradlepoint introduces a vastly improved GUI for all routers. The new GUI takes the look and feel of Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM) and brings it to the router. The menus have been reworked to be more intuitive and discoverable, and the configuration experience has stayed similar to the previous UI. In short, finding the menus is easier and configuration has stayed as easy as always.

ECM users will immediately view the new router GUI when configuring a router or group of routers with FW 6.0 or greater providing an improved and consistent user experience across the platform.

Along with the new UI, some notable new functionality is coming in FW 6.0:

- Object Firewall
- Independently create identities and policies, then match them to create rules
- Easier to configure and more flexible
- Connection Manager has been revamped, and now easily configurable in ECM
- Manage all WAN connections remotely in a single, intuitive UI
- WiFi-as-WAN Improvements
- Intelligent AP handover capability
- Cradlepoint recommends, before migration to FW 6.0, that customers upgrade a few routers and take some time to get familiar with the UI, the new firewall, Connection Manager, and other important configuration elements, before moving their entire fleet.

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CradlePoint Enterprise Cloud Manager - Getting Started

CradlePoint Enterprise Cloud Manager is a next generation management and application platform, delivering real-time network management over secure 3G and 4G connections, enabling users to rapidly deploy and dynamically manage networks at geographically distributed locations.

Enterprise Cloud Manager integrates cloud management with CradlePoint devices to improve productivity, increase reliability, reduce costs, and enhance the intelligence of network and business operations.

Configure devices by groups or individually, and update firmware easily with a few clicks.

Monitor device statuses in real-time and set proactive alerts for optimized 3G/4G data usage.

Manage network security and track network interference information.

CradlePoint Enterprise Cloud Manager uses secure, encrypted communication protocols to ensure your transactions are safe from eavesdropping or other compromising interventions. Additional security features include:

- Secure device registration and authentication
- Enterprise class Tier 4 datacenter, SSAE Type II (SAS 70) compliance
- Redundant systems and architecture to support high availability

CradlePoint Enterprise Cloud Manager can help you protect mission-critical applications -- improve network uptime and performance while reducing costs:

- Perform remote diagnostics -- status reports and error logs
- Troubleshoot without onsite IT support
- Upgrade firmware remotely -- ensure up-to-date security and PCI compliance
- Monitor 3G/4G data usage, avoid overages
- Reduce truck rolls, saving time and money
- Prevent poor customer experiences and lost revenue caused by Internet downtime

Proactive alerts and reporting enable you to better understand how devices are deployed across your organization. Alerts can notify you of:

- 3G/4G modem connectivity issues
- Data usage thresholds for wireless data plans
- Connection alerts if device connection is lost
- Failed login attempts and modem removal, which can indicate physical or cyber security breaches


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