About us

Great Industrial Automation Communications Solutions for Great Companies

DCI is a focused team of experienced professionals who engineer and provide communications solutions for industrial automation systems.  We specialize in partnering with companies to select the best wireless solution for a wide variety of industrial and business-critical applications in the Oil & Gas, Railroad, Water & Wastewater, Mining, and Electrical Utility Industries as well as film production, marine applications, emergency services and wherever high-reliability connectivity is needed

We assemble, configure, test and kit unique communications solutions and provide customer-specific part numbers based on their inventory control requirements and then ship to their designated warehouse or field locations.

2022 is our 25th year in business and this experience enables us to provide robust solutions that are designed for companies with critical operations who desire to optimize the deployment and increase the performance of their industrial automation communications networks.

We represent world-class products such as  Peplink Cellular Modems and Routers,  Maple Systems Touchscreens, Triangle Research OEM PLC’s, Calamp Viper SC+ Wireless Modems, Cradlepoint,  4RF Aprisa SR+ Narrowband Radios. We also hold the trademarks for Micro -CAPP Serial Data Buffers and the COR-Logic communications engine.

We only sell business to business (B2B) but may sell to a consumer on an exception basis.

Our Team

Automation Solutions

OEM PLC's, Touchscreens, Software, Modems, Routers and Interface Products to connect, monitor or run your systems!

Product Deployment 

We test, configure and kit communications solutions plus, give it your own part number and ship it to your locations.

Robust Wireless 

Top-quality products that just WORK!  We can help you select and configure the right communications equipment.

Our customers are committed to excellence.  We know that you take your business seriously and you have critical infrastructure that is vital to your operations.  So do we!  That is why since 1997 we have been so successful in helping Pipelines, Electrical Utilities, Water Systems, Mining, Railroads, Emergency Services and Commercial Operations design and deploy their private network communications.

You have a long-term perspective.  What you work on today can have a big impact over many years.  We understand this and can help you with equipment selection, interconnectivity, configuration, testing, and deployment so you can get the right solutions to the right locations time and time again.