PRO902-8 Datasheet

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PRO902-8 Datasheet

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1. ANTENNA SPECIFICATIONS 902-928 8.5 360 15 200 72.5 2.5 10 1.17 29.25 150 125 Operating Frequency (VSWR ≤ 1.5) MHz Nominal Gain (dBi) Horizontal Beamwidth (Deg-3dB) Vertical Beamwidth (Deg-3dB) Power Rating (W) Length (inches) Width (inches) Antenna Weight (lbs.) Cross Sectional Area (Max. Ft ²) Lateral Thrust at 100mph (lbs.) Rated Wind Velocity (mph) Rated Wind Velocity with 1/2’’ radial ice (mph) PRO902-8 equipped with integrated N-Female connector The PRO902-8 is engineered to meet or exceed the requirements for a rugged, high gain outdoor omni-directional antenna. This antenna provides 8.5 dBi gain and operates effectively across the operating range of 902- 928 MHz with a VSWR of 1.5:1 or less. Every WaveLink Professional Grade Omni is built using a UV-resistant fiberglass radome, coupled to a machined, heavy duty aluminum base. The 6061-T6 aluminum base is anodized to protect against environmental degradation. The elongated N-Female connector is recessed within the base to minimize exposure, while the large inside diameter allows easy access for the connection. The antenna is supplied with two heavy duty mounting brackets. 902-928 MHz PROFESSIONAL GRADE OMNI PRO902-8 WaveL i nk ™ Antenna Systems Inc. Includes mounting brackets C1002 (2 included) ™ Antenna Systems Inc. WaveL i nk Phone: 1 800.805.6922 (Toll Free USA & Canada) Visit us online at


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