PRO890-12 Datasheet

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PRO890-12 Datasheet

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1. Box 5458, Station A, Calgary, AB Canada, T2H 1X8 T: (403)-236-2298, F: (403)-236-2618, E: 890-960 MHz 890-960 12 56 46 20 200 24 6.8 2 0.24 6 125 120 Operating Frequency (VSWR ≤ 1.5) MHz Nominal Gain (dBi) Horizontal Beamwidth (Deg-3dB) Vertical Beamwidth (Deg-3dB) Front To Back Ratio (dB) Power Rating (W) Length (inches) Width (inches) Antenna Weight (lbs.) Cross Sectional Area (Max. Ft ²) Lateral Thrust at 100mph (lbs.) Rated Wind Velocity (mph) Rated Wind Velocity with 1/2’’ radial ice (mph) ANTENNA SPECIFICATIONS Easily permits vertical or horizontal polarization. Mounts on 1”-2 ⅜” OD pipe. Includes mounting bracket C1001A To view polar plots for this antenna please visit PRO890-12 is equipped with a standard feed line length of 2’ LMR400 UltraFlex® cable and N-Female connector. Please contact our sales staff for alternate connector requirements. Extended feed line available in 5’ increments up to a maximum of 50 '. All extended feed line antennas equipped with LMR400 cable and N-Male connector. The PRO890-12 is engineered to meet or exceed the requirements of a broadband, high gain, Professional Grade 900 MHz Yagi antenna . The PRO890-12 provides 12 dBi gain and operates effectively across the frequency band of 890-960 MHz with a VSWR of 1.5:1 or less. All Wavelink Professional Grade antennas are manufactured using high strength 6061-T6 aluminum. The dipole and directive elements are fully welded to the boom completely eliminating misalignment problems. The antenna is also electrically one piece , effectively eliminating intermod issues and future performance degradation. The dipole design incorporates an integral feed cable available in lengths up to 50 feet. The extended feed line option offers many benefits: 1. Dramatically reduces install time, by up to 2 hours per site 2. Completely eliminates the connector at the antenna 3. Improves signal strength ½ to ¾ of a dB 4. Eliminates connector weatherproofing concerns 5. Significantly reduces long term cost of ownership The PRO890-12 is anodized to protect against environmental degradation even in the most severe environments. PROFESSIONAL GRADE YAGI PRO890-12 WaveL i nk ™ Antenna Systems Inc. ™ Antenna Systems Inc. WaveL i nk Phone: 1 800.805.6922 (Toll Free USA & Canada) Visit us online at


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