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Brochure for Micro-CAPP controllers

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2. www.dcitech.com DCI Technologies Inc. • E-mail: connected@dcitech.com • Web: www.dcitech.com • Tel: (403) 720-4885 • Fax: (403) 720-3905 Micro-CAPP User Interface Features: Micro-CAPP FDX Micro-CAPP RTS Highly accurate RTS/CTS radio control R R Enables “Data Only” serial devices to use a wireless modem R R Handles binary data (protocol independent) R R Flash Processor, field upgradeable R R CDMA Capable (Hold off Data TX if CD is On) R R Custom Application Development Available R R Windows Software for Configuration R £ Externally Accessible DIP Switch Configuration £ R Baud Rate Translation R £ Store and Forward Repeater Option (Parrot) R £ Hardware: Host Port Radio Port Baud Rate 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19,200 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19,200 Data Format 8 or 9 bit 8 or 9 bit Character Pacing 0 to 65 ms in 0.001 ms increments 0 to 65 ms in 0.001 ms increments Rate Padding 0 to 65 ms in 1 ms increments 0 to 65 ms in 1 ms increments Pre-Transmit N/A 0 to 65 ms in 1 ms increments Post-Transmit N/A 0 to 65 ms in 1 ms increments CTS Control Ignore, Force, On, Drop when buffer 1⁄2 full Ignore or Wait for CTS Port Connector Standard DB-9 (Socket) Standard DB-9 (Pin) I/O Compatibility EIA RS-232 EIA RS-232 Micro-CAPP FDX Specifications: Baud Rate 2400, 4800, 9600, 19,200 Data Format 8 or 9 bit Handshake Control Turn on RTS when data detected, Wait for CTS Carrier Contention Ignore CD or Buffer Data when CD Present Port Connectors Standard DB-9s I/O Compatibility EIA RS-232 Micro-CAPP RTS Specifications: Micro-CAPP FDX Micro-CAPP RTS Dual Flash Based RISC Processors Single Flash Based RISC Processor Dual High speed FIFO’s up to 64K bytes 128 byte FIFO Rugged Aluminum Enclosure Small case that can be inserted in-line in a cable 10 to 30 Vdc operation 10 to 30 Vdc operation

1. Micro- CAPP ™ Communications and Protocol Processors www.dcitech.com T he Micro- CAPP ® product family is a versatile micro-controller based product used for handling timing and buffering of serial ASYNC data. There are two hardware platforms to choose from. The Micro- CAPP FDX is a full duplex product whereas the Micro- CAPP RTS is a half duplex product. T he connector layout in both products allows for simple insertion into a serial data cable. One connector is confi gured as a DCE and the other as a DTE. The platforms are fl ash based and very fl exible so custom applications can often be easily accommodated. Micro-CAPP FDX The FDX contains two RISC processors that provide incredible fl exibility and power. The primary function is as a serial data interface with each port independently confi gurable by the user. Data from one port is passed to the other port through dual high speed FIFO buffers. This allows the user to add DOX radio control (RTS/CTS or PTT and Pre-Transmit) to a full duplex data stream and is designed to protocol transparent. All operational modes and parameters can be set with an easy-to-use Windows ® program, you will never need to open the case. Buffer Mode is the basic operational mode of the Micro -CAPP. In this mode, any data that is sent into one port is transferred and sent out the other. Port speed and timing can be set independently on each port via the easy-to-use set-up software. Parrot Mode causes the Micro- CAPP FDX to operate as a protocol independent Store and Forward Repeater. Data received on the “Radio” port that meets your timing and size conditions will be buffered and re-transmitted out the “Radio” port. Optionally, data can also be sent out the “Host” port by selecting the “Allow TX from Local Device” option. This results in the ability to not only digitally repeat data but to also drop it locally on site—a feature not found with other store and forward repeaters. FDX Software: • Easy to use Windows set-up program • Uses standard laptop com port • On-line Help System • Interactive timing diagram shows your settings • Fast confi guration download • Free updates available via the internet Micro-CAPP RTS Highly accurate protocol independent RS-232 data buffer that adds RTS/CTS control to a serial data stream. Small low cost unit that can solve your wireless modem timing problems that can occur with Windows SCADA host software drivers or with terminal servers. Outbound data to a wireless modem can be buffered to allow the addition of RTS/CTS handshake control. Inbound data is passed though untouched with absolutely no delay. Easy DIP switch confi guration, no software required. Micro-CAPP Applications: • Highly Accurate RTS/CTS control. No need for special Comms drivers anymore. • Rate Translation —match a legacy RTU with your faster radio network • Use to Pace Data into a slower peripheral that does not sup- port handshaking • Use as a Digital Delay for your lab performance testing • Terminal Server to Radio Interface • Turn a standard transparent radio into a Store and Forward Repeater


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