Integra-TR Datasheet

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Integra-TR Datasheet

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1. CalAm p Corp. l 1 RUGGED CONNECTIVITY FOR REMOTE MONITORING APPLICATIONS The Integra-TR from CalAmp provides advanced features without complicated system setup. Available for UHF and VHF, the Integra-TR oers reliable data commu - nications over an extended range. Virtually real-time data is transferred through this PC programmable, transparent modem with CWID for identication and CSMA to minimize retries and reduce channel interference. Data-activated transmit (DOX) automatically activates the transmitter in the presence of data without needing an RTS handshake from terminal equipment. The Integra-TR also supports CTS ow control when the terminal rate exceeds the network rate. The Integra-TR also prevents transmission of any extraneous data bits to the terminal device, making it the perfect choice when working with protocols that cannot tolerate extra data bits. Remote online diagnostics monitor and maintain your communications link. Power, temperature, voltage, signal strength, antenna/feedline condition, and data decode performance are transmitted without application interruption. Integra-TR ™ Serial Radio Modem for Licensed Spectrum EXPERIENCE THE ADVANTAGE • Up to 19.2 kbps error-free data • Separate application and setup/diagnostics ports • 1-5 Watts operation, software selectable • Diagnostic output supports OPC-enabled diagnostics feature • Full application transparency • Extended temperature range for harsh environments 136-162 MHz l 148-174 MHz l 406.1-440 MHz l 440-476 MHz 440-476 MHz

2. 2 © 2013 CalAmp. PN: 000-0000-165 Rev 14 All specications are typical and subject to change without notice. INTEGRA-TR SPECIFICATIONS GENERAL Frequency Range MECHANICAL/ENVIRONMENTAL About CalAmp CalAmp Corp. (NASDAQ: CAMP) is a proven leader in providing wireless communications solutions to a broad array of vertical market applications and customers. CalAmp’s extensive portfolio of intelligent communications devices, robust and scalable cloud service platform, and targeted software applications streamline otherwise complex machine-to-machine (M2M) deployments. These solutions enable customers to optimize their operations by collecting, monitoring and eciently reporting business critical data and desired intelligence from high-value remote assets. For more information, please visit VHF: 136-162 MHz, 148-174 MHz UHF: 406.1-440 MHz, 440-476 MHz Tx Current < 2.6A @ 13.3V ELECTRICAL Channel Bandwidth Modes of Operation Simplex, Half-Duplex Modulation DRCMSK Certications FCC, IC Rx Current < 270mA @ 13.3V Primary Power 10-16 VDC Nominal Dimensions 4.50 W x 2.4 H x 4.75” D, (11.4 x 6.1 x 12.1 cm) Shipping Weight 1.6 lbs, (0.73 kg) Operating Temperature -30° to +60° C RECEIVER BER @ 1x10  -104 dBm @ 4.8 or 9.6 kbps Adjacent Channel > 65 dB @ 25 kHz; > 55 dB @ 12.5 kHz FM Hum and Noise < -45 dB max Conducted Spurious < -57 dBm 12.5 kHz 25 kHz Frequency Stability 1.5 ppm TRANSMITTER Carrier Output Power 1-5 Watts Adjustable Output Impedance 50  Duty Cycle 50% Max, 30 Seconds (extended Tx time with cooling fan option) Spurious and Harmonics -20 dBm COM, SETUP (2) Serial RS-232 DB-9 INTERFACES Antenna SMA Female (Tx/Rx) 12.5 kHz, 25 kHz -107 dBm @ 4.8 or 9.6 kbps, -100 dBm @ 19.2 kbps LEDs 4 - tri-color status


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