HMI5070TH Datasheet

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Datasheet for HMI5070TH.

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1. Graphic OIT HMI5070TH Every Machine Needs the Human Touch The HMI5070TH Touchscreen Graphic HMI elevates your application to the next level of performance. This touchscreen HMI will handle high-resolution panoramic visuals with its widescreen display, 400 MHz processor, 128 MB of Flash Memory and 64 MB of DRAM. This human machine interface supports over a hundred protocols including Allen- Bradley EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP/IP. With multiple ports, it will even handle four different protocols simultaneously. l Bright 800 x 480 Pixel High Def. TFT l Analog Resistive Touchscreen l 35 Percent Wider Screen Area l Bright 65,536 (16-bit) Colors l 32 Bit RISC CPU, 400 MHz l 128 MB Flash, 64 MB DRAM l Built-in Ethernet, 3 Serial Ports l 1 USB Host Port, SD slot l Data logging/sampling l Online/offline simulation l Alarm and recipe management l Animation and popup windows l 2 year warranty Other benefits include True Type fonts, International characters, and even a multi- language feature. The 2” depth and fanless design make mounting in tight spots easy. The outer dimensions and panel cut-out of the unit are comparable to a standard 5.7” unit, but the screen area is 35 percent larger and the pixel area is five times more dense. And with EZware configuration software, you can literally design and customize 7” Widescreen Touchscreen Graphic HMI Display stunning high-definition graphics on a widescreen Graphic OIT that is 35% larger with 5 times more pixel area than a comparable standard 5.7” model — all at a very attractive price. your 7” Widescreen application exactly the way you want it. And top-notch technical support, dedicated customer service, and 2 year warranty make this product a true winner.

2. 0901-0059, Rev. 03 Printed in USA July, 2010 HMI5070TH Specifications Specifications subject to change without notice. HMI5070TH Dimensions A Fuse B Power Connector C Dust Cover D SD Card Slot E Com Port DB9S F Com Port DB9P G Ethernet Port 10/100 H USB Host I USB 2.0 Client Dimensions in inches [mm] Hardware CPU Type 32-bit RISC CPU, 400MHz Memory 128MB Flash, 64MB DRAM SD Card Slot Yes Ethernet Port 10/100 Base-T (RJ45) Serial Ports Com1: RS-232/RS-485, 2 or 4 wire Com2: RS-232 Com3: RS-232/RS-485, 2 wire Audio Line Out x1 / Mic In x1 USB Ports 1 Host, 1 Client port RTC Built-in Display Type 7.0” TFT color Size (WxH) 6.1 x 3.4 inches [154 x 87 mm] 7” diagonal Resolution (pixels) 800 x 480 Brightness (cd/m 2 ) 375 Contrast Ratio 500:1 Max Colors 65536 (16 bit) Viewing Angle ( o ) 45/65/65/65 (T,B,R,L) Backlight LED Backlight Longevity 30,000 hrs Touchscreen Type 4-wire analog resistive Resolution Continuous Light Transmission Above 80% Lifespan 1 million activations minimum Environmental Operating Temperature 14 ~ 113 o F [-10 ~ 45 o C] Storage Temperature -13 ~ 158 o F [-25 to 70 o C] Relative Humidity 10% ~ 90% (non-condensing) Shock (operation) 10 to 25Hz (X,Y, Z direction, 2G, 30 minutes) Ratings IP65, NEMA4, NEMA4X (indoor only) Certifications CE, FCC Class A, cULus listed Functionality Networking Modbus TCP/IP, AB EtherNet/IP, remote monitoring Multiple Port Connectivity Up to four protocols simultaneously Data Transfer Share data between HMIs and PLCs Data Logging/Sampling Up to 1000 records, time/trigger-based Hardware Options Mouse, external keyboard, memory storage, barcode Windows Fonts Unicode support, international characters Multiple Languages Up to 8 languages per object Security 6 levels, 3 passwords per level, interlock safety feature, visibility protection Macros Math functions, 32-bit float support Recipe Management Up to 32,767 records, Index Feature Alarm Management Four priority levels, organize by category, real-time or history Trending Up to 20 channels, real-time or history, time/date capture, watch line feature Ease of Use Popup windows, offline/online simulation Order Number HMI5070TH 7.0” TFT Graphic OIT Mechanical Enclosure Plastic molding Dimensions (WxHxD) 7.88 x 5.76 x 1.67 inches [200 x 146 x 42 mm] Panel Cutout Dim. (WxH) 7.55 x 5.43 inches [192 x 138 mm] Weight 1.8 lb [.85 kg] Mounting Panel / VESA 75 compatible Power Requirement 24VDC 250mA Warranty 2 years Rear View Bottom View Front View 7.88 [200] 5.76 [146] 1.67 [42] B 808 134th St SW, Suite 120 Everett, WA 98204 425.745.3229 l 425.745.3429 (fax) A C D E F G H I


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