AIO-TERM1 User Guide

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User guide for AIO-TERM1 analog termination board for F-Series PLCs.

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2. AIO-TERM1 Expansion Board Installation Guide 2 Figure 2 - AIO-TERM1 Direct Connection to PLC Figure 3 - AIO-TERM1 Cable Connection to PLC (Optional DB15 Cable Sold Separately) Each block of screw terminals can easily be detached from the controller body, enabling easy replacement of the contro ller board when necessary. When shipped from the factory they are installed vertica lly into the header pins, but there is an option to rotate the screw terminal by 90 degree so that they can be wired from the side (inline with the PCB). To remove the te rminals, use a small flat-head screw-driver and insert it underneath the terminal bl ock, applying even pressure to raise the terminal block until it becomes loosened from the connecting-pin strip, as shown below:

3. AIO-TERM1 Expansion Board Installation Guide 3 Insulated crimp ferrules screw Tightening Connectin g -pin strip Flat-head screw driver Figure 4 - Removing Screw Terminal block Although you can connect a single or multi st rand wire directly to the screw terminal, we strongly recommend using the insulated crimp ferrules to provide a good end termination to multi-stranded wires. Using ferrules reduces the possibility of stray wire- strands short-circuiting adjacent termin als and their use is therefore highly recommended.

1. AIO-TERM1 Analog Terminal Interface Board 1 Figure 1 - AIO-TERM1 – 4/8 channels Analog Interface Board 1. Introduction The AIO-TERM1 is designed to connect eas ily to a FMD or F-series PLC DB15 analog port and provides screw terminal connectio n for simplified wiring for all 8 analog inputs and up to 4 analog outputs. 2. Physical Mounting & Wiring Each AIO-TERM1 board has two 1/8” (3mm) diameter mounting holes which allow it to be easily mounted on copper or Nylo n standoffs. Note that the two mounting holes are spaced 4.200 inches apart, which is identical to that found on the FMD and F-series PLCs. This means that the AIO-TERM1 can be mounted readily on a DIN- Rail using ½ pack of DIN-KIT-2 ( ) or 1/3 pack of DIN- KIT-3. It is easier to mount the AIO-TERM1 on the le ft hand side of any FMD or F-series PLCs. It can be connected to the PL C’s analog DB15 female interface directly (figure 2) or by using the 1-foot (30cm) long DB15 ma le-to-female connecting cable (figure 3), which is optional and sold separately . Once the DB15 interface is connected, the analog inputs and output signals fr om the PLC become available on two detachable screw terminal blocks, making connection to field devices much easier.


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