4RF Aprisa SRi 902-928 Mhz Spread Spectrum Radio

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    4RF Aprisa SRi 902-928 Mhz Spread Spectrum Radio

    UTILITY-GRADE UNLICENSED SCADA - 902-928 MHz Industrial Licence Free Spread Spectrum Radio

    Based on proven Aprisa technology, the Aprisa SRi is a license-free 902-928 MHz FCC Part 15 / IC RSS-247 radio with unprecedented flexibility and security.

    • Secure: with its defense in-depth approach including AES encryption, authentication, address filtering and user access control, the Aprisa SRi protects against malicious attacks and consumer-grade wireless vulnerabilities.

    • Flexible hopping channel and zone arrangements: full band and reduced non-overlapping zone options allow a tailored approach to interference mitigation. The unique combination of advanced forward error correction (FEC) with packet synchronized selective ARQ combats interference. Time-sliced fast hop and advanced access control MAC delivers more usable throughput and reduced latency.

    • Future-proof: the Aprisa SRi supports dual serial and dual Ethernet ports in a single, compact form factor, designed to cryptographically secure legacy serial, protect existing device investment, and enable new applications. Old and new application protocols can be run side by side.

    • Aprisa SR family: the Aprisa SRi is fully integrated with the Aprisa SR family and includes all family features including networking, management, and security. Maximize your experience with reduced training and time to value.

    • Advanced L2 / L3 capabilities: selectable L2 bridge, L3 router, or advanced gateway router combination L2/L3 modes with VLAN, QoS, NAT, and filtering attributes to maximize capacity in constrained bandwidth and prioritize mission-critical traffic while meeting tough security and IP network policy imperatives.

    • Link efficiency: Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) and forward error correction maintains the integrity of the wireless connection while an effective channel access scheme and advanced IP routing features ensure efficient transfer of data across the Aprisa SRi network.

    • Reliable and robust: the Aprisa SRi requires no manual component tuning and maintains its performance over a wide temperature range using full specification industrially rated components and shared Aprisa family heritage.

    • Easily managed: an easy-to-use GUI supports local element management via HTTPS and remote element management over the air, and SNMP support allows network-wide monitoring and control via a third-party network management system.

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