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TRi F-Series Analog Termination Board

TRi F-Series Analog Termination Board

Designed to connect easily to a FMD or F-series PLC DB15 analog port and provides screw terminal connection for simplified wiring for all 8 analog inputs and up to 4 analog outputs.

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    TRi F-Series Analog Termination Board
    Each AIO-TERM1 board has two 1/8” (3mm) diameter mounting holes which allow it to be easily mounted on copper or Nylon standoffs. Note that the two mounting holes are spaced 4.200 inches apart, which is identical to that found on the FMD and F-series PLCs. This means that the AIO-TERM1 can be mounted readily on a DIN-Rail using ½ pack of DIN-KIT-2B or 1/3 pack of DIN-KIT-3.