Maximizing Up-time Over Serial Radios

How to Integrate Diagnostics from the Integra-TR radio into your SCADA Host
December 9, 2015 by
Maximizing Up-time Over Serial Radios
Ted Skinner

Integra-TR Diagnostics Integration

The CalAmp Integra-TR has been a serial workhorse for years and is still going strong.

This radio also has some very nice diagnostics, but how do you get the information into your existing SCADA host system so you can trend values and trigger alerts?  After all, this is a dedicated serial radio without IP or SNMP.

DCI Technologies has been providing a solution for this for over a decade by creating a custom protocol stack in an OPC Server and utilizing a Terminal Server to remotely connect to the setup/diagnostics port of the Integra-TR

Kevin Rutherford from Software Toolbox recently did a case study on our solution.

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How did we do it?

Initially, we chose to implement a custom-coded software solution to access, interpret and trend the radio diagnostics data. However, we decided that it would be best to have a solution based on open standards with available interfaces for the largest variety of host systems requiring access to the diagnostics data.

To meet the end goal of providing an open solution, we considered several rapid protocol modeling solutions providing standard interfaces such as OPC and DDE. In the end, the solution providing the most flexibility and functionality was the OmniServer OPC and I/O Server from Software Toolbox.