Here We Grow Again!

DCI Technologies Secures Deal to Build New Facility in Calgary
February 10, 2017 by
Here We Grow Again!
Ted Skinner

From Concept to Blueprint

The cool thing about creating a facility is that the design can be optimized to help us streamline our operations and thus provide better service to our customers.  Our new building includes a state of the art training area so we can enhance our ability to empower our customers.  In this era of rapidly changing technology and the looming retirement of many skilled workers in the industry, it is increasingly important to be able to facilitate knowledge transfer and we are positioning ourselves to be able to do just that.  

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Exciting Times...

2017 is starting off as an exciting time of growth for DCI.  It's early February, the outside of the building is well on it's way to being completed, the tenders have gone out for the interior build and we are gearing up for a move in late spring 2017.  DCI has been fortunate to see significant growth year over year, even in an economic downturn.  Our cost-effective communications solutions are providing remote connectivity and enabling our customers to increase their services, simplify project deployment and be more efficient.  

Stay in touch for information on the training courses we will be offering in 2017!

From Blueprint to Concrete

It's always encouraging to see an idea take shape.  It's cool to see a space get enclosed, and in our climate here it sometimes is very cool... literally!  It is a big milestone to get the outside of a new facility sealed from the elements.

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From Outside to Inside

The walls are up, the doors are in and the heat is on.  Now it's time to start on the inside.  It has taken a big team of people to get us this far.  The support we have had on all sides of this project has been phenomenal.  Eric, Casey and Jon at Barclay Street Real Estate continue to guide us through the maze of options and were instrumental in finding this great location and the top notch builder.  T.i Studios has worked really hard incorporating all of our requirements into a functional design.

A Clean Slate (or slab in this case)

This new facility will give us over 2 1/2 times the space we have now and will provide a more efficient design.  There is a lot of echo in there right now, but soon the walls will be going up and the interior will be taking shape.

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It's a Journey

2017 is our 20th year in business and it's not only the building we have been expanding.  We have added new staff this year and we will be adding more members to the team around the time we move in.  We will keep you posted as to the progress of the build and we look forward to serving you from our new facility this year! 

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