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Wavelink 5 dBi Value Omni Antenna, N-Female Connector (902 - 928 MHz)

Professional Grade Omni Antenna, 902-928 MHz, 5 dBi gain, N-female connector

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Wavelink 5 dB Value Omni Antenna (902 - 928 MHz)
The VALU902-5 is engineered to meet the requirements for a cost-effective, dependable outdoor omnidirectional antenna. This antenna provides 5 dBi gain and operates effectively across the operating range of 902-928 MHz with a VSWR of 1.5:1 or less.  Suitable for use with the Helium network equipment.
Every WaveLink VALU Series Omni is made with a UV-stable, all-season radome that is securely matched to heavy-duty, anodized aluminum base, ensuring trouble-free, consistent operation. The elongated N-Female connector is recessed within the base to minimize exposure, while the large inside diameter allows easy access for the connection. Supplied with mounting hardware.

  • 902 - 928 MHz (VSWR ≤ 1.5)
  • 5 dBi Nominal Gain
  • 360° Horizontal Beamwidth (3dB)
  • 28° Vertical Beamwidth (3dB) 
  • 200 W Power Rating
  • Dimensions: 51.5"x 2.38"
  • Mounting Bracket Included
  • Weight:n 4 lbs
  • 100 mph Wind Velocity Rated