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SmartTILE-Fx (Box of 12)

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SmartTILE-Fx  - Smart TRi Integrated Logic Engine

The SmartTILE-Fx integrates a 32-bit CPU, FRAM & flash memory, battery-backed Real Time Clock and an Ethernet port on board. Its digital, analog and serial I/O signals are brought to OEM's carrier board via 3 sets of header pins.

Since all critical components are already built-in on board, An OEM only needs to build a simple carrier PCB that contains digital and analog circuit that interface the low voltage signals on the SmartTILE to the real world voltages and currents (could be 24V, 120V or 240V). The SmartTILE-Fx provides 16 digital inputs, 16 digital outputs (5V CMOS logic level), 8 analog inputs and 4 analog outputs (12-bit, 0-5V) and can be expanded to 128 digital inputs and 128 digital outputs.

SmartTILE-Fx provides 3 channels of serial ports (3.3V, Tx, Rx & /RTS) that can interface to RS232, RS485 or wireless radio. An I2C port (3.3V) is also available, allowing OEM to interface to specialty ICs that support I2C bus.

Programmable using the highly acclaimed i-TRiLOGI Ladder Logc+BASIC programming software that combines Ladder Logic with a floating point math capable BASIC language, OEM can accomplish complex programming in a fraction of time of those pure ladder-only, or C-programmable only platforms.

Best of all, you also get a FREE Web HMI on every SmartTILE-Fx that can be easily customized (without programming) to suit your equipment. Impress your users how they can simply use their smart phones or tablet to interface to your equipment.

SmartTILE-Fx Data Sheet

SmartTILE-Fx Design Guide

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