9.7" cMT HMI with Built-In Server

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    102 x 768 Resolution, EasyAccess 2.0 Installed, 2 Ethernet Ports, 2 Serial ports, CANbus

    9.7" cMT HMI with Built-In Server.  cMT3090 | EasyAccess 2.0 Included

    The cMT3090 offers a bright 1024 x 768 pixel 9.7" touchscreen display, built-in mono speaker, fast 1 GHz processor, and 1 GB of RAM for graphics-intensive projects. This model comes with built-in EasyAccess 2.0, OPC UA, and MQTT support, as well as a built-in HMI server enabling users to remotely monitor and access HMIs in the plant via an Apple or Android tablet or smart phone.

    The cMT3090 has all the features and capabilities available in our HMI series plus a built-in cMT-SVR. What sets this model apart from our other HMIs is the ability to act as an integral gateway between the plant floor and the outside world. Two separate Ethernet ports (one each LAN and WAN) ensure separation and increased security from unauthorized access. The built-in EasyAccess 2.0 option establishes a VPN connection and encrypted data between a remote PC and the cMT3090, providing additional security measures by limiting access to users with assigned passwords. The cMT3090 can be accessed from a Wi-Fi device such as a smart phone/tablet if connected to a wireless router. And, to provide maximum connectivity to 3rd party devices, the cMT3090 supports the most popular IIoT protocols: 

    MQTT: Connect as publisher or subscriber. The cMT3090 can also be setup as the broker.

    OPC UA Server: Any PC with OPC UA client software can access real-time data from the HMI.

    MySQL Database Integration: The cMT3090 can send sampled data or event log (alarm) information to any PC with a MySQL database server.

    Modbus: EBPro includes communication drivers that allow the HMI to connect to over 300 major PLC brands, including Modbus TCP/IP. Any PC that also supports Modbus TCP/IP can use the cMT3090 as a gateway to obtain data from a connected PLC or controller.