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Power Distribution Unit - Configurable Load Controller

Power Distribution Unit - Configurable Load Controller

Supports +12, +24, and +/-48 volt DC applications

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CAD$ 858.00

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    Power Distribution Unit - Configurable Load Controller 
    The DIN Series Power Distribution Unit is a DIN-rail mount, single-bus DC distribution module designed to be used in 12, 24 or 48-volt DC applications. It includes a secure, easy-to-use web-browser interface, which provides remote power monitoring, power control, and alarm reporting over an Ethernet link, along with SNMP support for integration into your network management system.  You can set adjustable voltage thresholds to turn loads off and on.

    This unit is a DC power control unit only and not a power supply.  You would need to combine it with a power supply or use it with you Solar Power system

    The ICT DIN Series is designed, manufactured and supported in North America to meet the need for wireless communications, broadband and other demanding DC power applications.

    Supports +12, +24, and +/-48 volts DC applications
    60-amp continuous system current
    Six fused output positions rated up to 12 amps
    Supports GMT fuses rated to 15 amps max.
    Front-mounted fuses with LED indicators when fuse is blown
    TCP/IP Ethernet communications provides full remote monitoring and control capabilities
    Network security protocols include HTTPS, TLS 1.2, SNMP v1/v2c/v3 (see data sheet for details)
    Reporting of total system current, individual load current, system voltage, fuse status
    Alarm reporting via text or email notification
    Remote individual output power toggling
    Automatic load shedding disconnects non-critical loads when on battery power (user defined)
    Network watchdog automatically reboots routers or switches when no response is received
    Four digital site monitoring input contacts
    Up to 30 days of data logging
    Form C alarm contacts
    DIN-rail mount form factor
    Two-year warranty