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MAX Adapter CAT 12 USB Modem

MAX Adapter CAT 12 USB Modem

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    MAX Adapter CAT 12 USB Modem

    • 1x LTEA Modem (America/CAT-12)

    • Redundant SIM Slot

    • 2x Cellular Antennas

    • 1x GPS Antenna Connector (no antenna)

    • USB-C Cable with retainer

    • USB Adapter to connect to a Peplink Router.  Makes the MAX Adapter become a new WAN for the router.

    Windows and Linux Devices

    Providing 5G/LTE connectivity for Windows and Linux devices on the go using USB-C (not WiFi).  Built to last with sturdy industrial strength designed for continuous high-traffic operation.  The light and sleek enclosure offers portability in the palm of your hands.

    With two SIM slots and an eSIM, the MAX Adapter always has a way to connect.

    Compatible with SpeedFusion Cloud, enabling an unbreakableVPN to be built to any SpeedFusion-enabled device.

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