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OITware-200 Configuration Software

OITware-200 Configuration Software

OITware config software for MicroOITs

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    OITware-200 Configuration Software

    Putting the MicroOIT Family operator interface terminals to work is made easy with OITware-200 configuration software. You can develop your application on any Windows-based PC using OITware's intuitive interface. This software makes it easy to design the screens, layout the keypad and setup the function keys of your MicroOIT screen. When your application is ready, just connect the OIT to your PC's RS-232 port, power up and download, it is that simple. 

    • Supports all OIT Family PLC & Motion Controller protocols in a single software package
    • Enables easy OIT configuration from a personal computer
    • Provides access to all configurable OIT functions and options
    • Transfers the protocol and application data to the OIT
    • Reads the application data from the OIT (for a previously configured OIT)
    • Full Windows compatibility—including menus, commands, and features
    • Multi-language support allows you to configure your OIT with 2, 5 or 10 languages
    • Recipe uploads and downloads can be triggered by either the OIT or the controller
    • Remote variable storage function provides greater storage capacity
    • OIT can be configured as a Modbus slave device
    • Expanded support for Allen-Bradley MicroLogix Controllers, including the L data file
    • Supports CTC Motion Controllers, Yaskawa-Magnetek Controllers, Control Microsystems Controllers
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