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4 x 20 RS-485 LCD Display

MDS100-BW Extended Temperature -20C to +70C, 4 Line x 20 Character LCD. RS-485 Serial Communications.

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MDS100-BW 4 x 20 RS-485 LCD Display
The MDS100-BW is specially designed to allow a host computer board, a master PLC or a PC to display alphanumeric characters on a 4 lines x 20 characters per line LCD display with a backlight via RS485 bus. You can connect up to 255 MDS100-BW together to a master PLC such as the T100MX+, the T100MD+ PLC or to a host PC. Each MDS100-BW can be programmed with a unique ID between 00-FF, and the master PLC is able to select which MDS100-BW to display what text simply by sending an ASCII string that includes the ID information of the display. Hence the MDS100-BW is ideal for implementing multiple remote displays for a host computer. The LCD module is rated for industrial temperature range of between -20 to +70 °C making it suitable for some outdoor applications. Messages to be displayed on the LCD are sent from the PLC to the MDS100-BW via their respective RS485 ports at either 38,400 or 9,600 bits per second, selected by the setting of Jumper J1 when power-on (see table). Always use the maximum baud rate (38,400bps for T100MX) for best performance. For short distances of less than 2m, any ordinary pair of cables can be used to connect the RS485 interfaces. Make sure that the “+” and “-” terminals of both RS485 terminals are correctly connected to each other.
  • 4 line x 20 character display
  • Black on white background
  • RS485 COM
  • 38,400 or 9,600 baud
  • -20 to +70 °C temperature range