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MD-HMI LCD and Keypad

MD-HMI LCD and Keypad

4 lines x 20 character LCD display, 16 key keypad and 8 LEDs.

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    MD-HMI LCD and Keypad
    The MD-HMI module comprises a 4 lines x 20 characters backlit LCD display; a 16 keys keypad and 8 LEDs. The module is plugged into the LCD port and the expansion port of the PLC. It does not use up any of the PLC's I/O. The keys and the LEDs appear as expanded I/Os to the CPU. This device is not compatible with the NANO-10 PLC.

    • 4 lines x 20 character backlit LCD display

    • 16  key Numeric keypad for data entry
    • 8 Indicator LEDs

    • No physical I/O points used on PLC
    • Professional looking front bezel
    • Works with all the FMD Series and F1616 and F2424 PLC's
    • Budget alternative to a touchscreen