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Micro-CAPP FDX Dual Port Serial Buffer

Full Duplex Micro-CAPP RS-232 Buffer. Firmware Version 2.20. US Harmonized Code: 8471.50

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CAD$ 795.00

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Micro-CAPP FDX RS-232 Buffer and Store and Forward Repeater

The Micro-CAPP® product family is a versatile micro-controller based product used for handling timing and buffering of serial ASYNC data. The Micro-CAPP FDX is a full duplex product with a connector layout that allows for simple insertion into a serial data cable.  One connector is configured as a DCE and the other as a DTE and are industry standard DB-9 connectors. The platforms are flash based and very flexible so custom applications can often be easily accommodated.

The Micro-CAPP FDX contains two RISC processors that provide incredible flexibility and power. The primary function is as a serial data interface with each port independently configurable by the user. Data from one port is passed to the other port through dual high speed FIFO buffers. This allows the user to add DOX radio control (RTS/CTS or PTT and Pre-Transmit) to a full duplex data stream and is designed to be protocol transparent.  All operational modes and parameters can be set with an Easy-To-Use Windows program, you will never need to open the case.  

Buffer Mode is the basic operational mode of the Micro-CAPP™. In this mode, any data that is sent into one port is transferred and sent out the other. Port speed and timing can be set independently on each port via the easy-to-use set-up software.

Parrot Mode causes the Micro-CAPP® FDX to operate as a protocol independent Store and Forward Repeater. Data received on the "Radio" port that meets your timing and size conditions will be buffered and re-transmitted out the "Radio" port. Optionally, data can also be sent out the "Host" port by selecting the "Allow TX from Local Device" option. This results in the ability to not only digitally repeat data but to also drop it locally on site—a feature not found with other store and forward repeaters

  • Provides data buffering capabilities for ASYNC serial data over radio
  • Full duplex solution 
  • Two independently configurable serial ports, with dedicated RISC processors and FIFO buffers
  • Can add RTS/CTS control to address timing issue with ASYNC serial data
  • Can add store and forward repeater functionality to an existing
  • High accuracy timing and protocol independent functionality
  • Easy to integrate
  • Unparalleled customer support and customer specific solutions available
Typical Applications for the FDX
  • Rate Translation; match a legacy RTU with your faster Radio Network. 
  • Use to Pace Data into a slower peripheral that doesn’t support handshaking. 
  • Use as a Digital Delay for your lab performance testing. 
  • Terminal Server to Radio Interface, (2 wire to 4 wire, 2 wire to 3 wire).
  • Anywhere you need to control or Match Two Serial Data Streams.
  • Turn a standard transparent radio into a Store and Forward Repeater.