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MAX HD4 Quad 4G LTEA Mobile Router

MAX HD4 Quad 4G LTEA Mobile Router

400 MBPS Router, Max 150 Mbps Tunnel (120 Mbps Encrypted) 2 WAN, 8 LAN

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MAX HD4 Quad 4G LTEA Mobile Router

The MAX HD4 delivers outstanding performance from all your connections with the help of SpeedFusion bandwidth bonding and intelligent load balancing.

Quad Embedded Cellular Modems: Quad Cellular Modems and Redundant SIM slots allow you to use up to four different cellular providers for bandwidth bonding, data overage protection or eliminating blind spots.  Four CAT6 Modems and one CAT12 FirstNet Modem

SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding and Seamless Failover: SpeedFusion bandwidth bonding technology bonds all connected bandwidth into a single superfast stream, using the same or different cellular providers.

Certified Toughness: In addition to a rugged metal enclosure, the MAX HD4 is certified on:

  • Shock and vibration resistance (EN 61373:2010)

  • Railway Applications (EN 50155)

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EN 61000)

Fleet Tracking and Management: With built-in GPS fleet tracking and InControl 2 cloud-based management, you can keep tabs on location and manage your mobile network from any Internet-connected device.

Customizable Captive Portal: Branding your captive portal is as easy as uploading your logo and terms & conditions. You can easily set bandwidth allowance and access duration per user or manage access using a RADIUS server.  With Social Wi-Fi Hotspot support, you can also receive valuable demographic data from your users.

Terminal Block for Secure Power Supply: The MAX HD4 is equipped with a terminal block for secure installation in vehicles and other locations.

Built-in 8-Port GE Switch and Optional PoE Output: Cut down on cabling and simplify deployments. With a PoE activation kit purchase, the HD4 supports 802.3at PoE Output, so one cable is all you need for both connectivity and power.

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