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2 x 16 LCD Display Module

2 lines x 16 char LCD module

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2 x 16 LCD Display Module
These low cost alphanumeric display modules are LED backlight. The modules are supplied with a 2 foot ribbon cable and plug for immediate connection to a T100MD+ PLC's built-in LCD port. A backlight current limit resistor is also included in the package. Programming the display is unbelievably easy! All that is needed is to execute the TBASIC command :SETLCD r, c, textstring where r is the row number, c is the column number, followed by a text string which can be any ascii text or numerical values. This allows the LCDs to display any internal data for intelligent operator interface.
  • 2 lines x 16 character display
  • LED backlight
  • Easy to interface with T100MD+