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HMC Analog I/O Module, 4 In, 2 Out

HMC Analog I/O Expansion Module, 4 Inputs (Voltage, Current, RTD, Thermocouple), 2 Outputs (Voltage, Current)

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I/O Expansion Module | 4 Analog Inputs | 2 Analog Outputs

The HMC7-MIO-08 is one of several I/O expansion modules that attach to the back of Maple Systems Graphic HMCs. This module possesses 4 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs that support both voltage and current modes as well as RTD and Thermocouple modes. Easily tighten wiring to the terminals with a 3/32” flat blade screwdriver.

Product Highlights

  • 4 Universal Inputs

  • 2 Analog Outputs

  • 16-Bit Resolution

  • Class I, Division 2 Certified

  • Removable Terminals (3.81mm Pitch)

IO Module Guide with Datasheet