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FRAM/RTC for Nano or FMD PLCs

FRAM/RTC for Nano or FMD PLCs

Memory Expansion and Real Time Clock with battery backup for Nano-10 and FMD PLC's. Requires version r77 or newer firmware.

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    FRAM/RTC for Nano or FMD PLCs

    A lithium battery-backed Real Time Clock (RTC) and non volatile FRAM memory block for the Nano-10, FMD88-10 or FMD1616-10 PLCs . Athough there is an internal RTC on the PLC's, this clock will loses its content when the PLC is powered OFF and you will need to set the RTC when the PLC is powered ON again. On the FRAMRTC the clock is maintained by the 3V lithium cell battery and will run continuously. The PLC CPU automatically detects the presence of FRAMRTC and will load its internal RTC with the data from FRAMRTC upon power ON.

    • 11k words of state-of-the-art Ferromagnetic RAM (FRAM) memory
    • Store up to 549 strings of 40 characters per string.
    • Unlimited number of read/write cycles