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PLC with Field Wiring (16DI/16DO/12 AI/AO)

16 Digital Inputs, 16 Digital Outputs, 12 Analogs, Ethernet, 2 RS-232, 1 RS-485, with easy wiring harness

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EZwire1616 - 16 Digital In, 16 Digital Out, 12 Analog PLC with Integrated Field Wiring

The EZWire1616 is the first of its kind in the PLC market with integrated, field wiring ready I/O terminals, and provides every digital and analog I/O point with its own power (+24V or +5V) and 0V on a 3-level screwless terminal. Every sensor and actuator in the control system can be wired directly to the PLC without requiring additional screw terminal blocks and wire-harnesses.

This design saves systems integrators and machine OEMs valuable time, material cost, control panel space and dreaded wiring error recovery effort during installation.

The EZWire1616 uses TRi's topline SmartTILE-Fx CPU. It supports full floating point computation, non-volatile FRAM, flash file system, battery-backed RTC, Ethernet. RS232, RS485, digital I/Os, 12-bit ADC, 4-20mA DAC, PWM, Stepper controller as well as industry standard Modbus RTU & Modbus TCP protocols.

  • 16 digital inputs (24 VAC, 24 VDC)
  • 16 digital output (12x 5A Relay, 4x 8A NPN)
  • 8 analog inputs (0 - 10V, 12-bit)
  • 4 analog outputs 2 (0 - 10V, 12-bit)
  • 4 PWM capable outputs (4A)
  • 2 Stepper Motor Controllers (10,000 pps)
  • 3 High speed counters (4 KHz)
  • 2 RS232 port
  • 1 RS485 port (2-wire)
  • 1 ethernet port
  • Program flash memory 23.5K words
  • 6K Non-volatile FRAM
  • Supports Ladder and BASIC programming
  • Modbus (ASCII,RTU,TCP) Omron C20H, ASCII host link, and user definable communication protocol support
  • Dimensions: 8.2” x 4.5” x 1.5”
  • 0 to +70 C temperature operation
  • 24 VDC