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ELPRO 915U-2 Long-Range Mesh Multi I/O Node and Gateway

ELPRO 915U-2 Long-Range Mesh Multi I/O Node and Gateway

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    ELPRO 915U-2 Long-Range Mesh Multi I/O Node and Gateway

    The ELPRO 915U-2 Wireless Mesh Networking I/O and Gateway is a multiple I/O node that extends communications to sensors and actuators in local, remote, or difficult to reach locations. Designed with a long-range, license-free 900MHz wireless transceiver, the ELPRO 915U-2 is capable of providing IP-based mesh networking across sprawling industrial environments typical of industrial applications.

    Capable of ad-hoc mesh networking, roaming, and discovery, as well as deterministic mesh, the 915U-2 can serve as an end node, routing node, or network gateway. Scalable to thousands of nodes, Gather-ScatterTM and Block Mapping technology offers the efficient utilization of network resources and eases integration into complex monitoring and control systems. Integrated Modbus server capability allows further I/O expansion through the use of ELPRO 115S Expansion modules.

    I/O is scalable using 115S serial expansion units at each 915U unit.


    • 902–928 MHz frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) up to 1W RF Power

    • Self-healing IP-based wireless mesh networking

    • Multi-hop repeater and gateway functionality

    • Gather-scatter and block mapping

    • Serial client/server/multicast Modbus TCP to RTU gateway (With optional EL-115E-2 Ethernet Expander)

    • Configurable digital, pulse, and analog I/O to 14-bit resolution

    • Secure 256-bit AES encryption

    • Over-the-air network diagnostics and configuration

    • User-friendly configuration software