Instant 802.3af Datasheet

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Instant 802.3af Datasheet

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1. INSTANT 802.3af Datasheet INSTANT 802.3af Indoor and Outdoor Adapters Models: INS-8023AF-O, INS-8023AF-I Transforms PoE Devices into 48V, 802.3af-Compliant Products Works with 802.3af Switches for Remote Control Power Applications Enables Longer Cable Run Lengths

3. INSTANT 802.3af Datasheet 3 Specifications Electrical Information Input Power 48V, 802.3af (with Sensing Capability) Output Power 18V, 0.7A Output PoE Method Positive 4, 5; Return 7, 8 Ethernet ESD/Surge Protection ±15kV Physical Information Model INS-8023AF-I INS-8023AF-O Dimensions (mm) 93.5 x 27 x 21.5 315 x 25.8 x 24.8 Weight 200 g 300 g Operating Temperature 0 to 70° C -30 to 70° C Output Ethernet Cable N/A Shielded CAT5, Length: 10 cm Instant 802.3af Adapter, Indoor Version, model INS-8023AF-I 802.3af IN OUT 802.3af 802.3af Instant 802.3af Adapter, Outdoor Version, model INS-8023AF-O

4. INSTANT 802.3af Datasheet © 2013 Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. All rights reserved. JL051413 All specifi cations in this document are subject to change without notice. Protect your networks from the most brutal environments with Ubiquiti Networks’ industrial-grade, shielded Ethernet cable, TOUGHCable. Increase Performance Dramatically improve your Ethernet link states, speeds, and overall performance with Ubiquiti TOUGHCables. Extreme Weatherproof Designed for outdoor use, TOUGHCables have been built to perform even in the harshest weather and environments. ESD Damage Protection Protect your networks from devastating electrostatic discharge (ESD) attacks. Extended Cable Support TOUGHCables have been developed to increase power handling performance for extended cable run lengths. Bulletproof your networks TOUGHCable is currently available in two versions: PRO Shielding Protection and CARRIER Shielding Protection. TOUGHCable PRO is a Category 5e, outdoor, carrier-class shielded cable with an integrated ESD drain wire. TOUGHCable CARRIER is a Category 5e, outdoor, carrier-class shielded cable that features an integrated ESD drain wire, anti-crosstalk divider, and secondary shielding. It is rated to provide optimal performance on Gigabit Ethernet networks. Additional Information: • 24 AWG copper conductor pairs • 26 AWG integrated ESD drain wire to prevent ESD attacks and damage • PE outdoor-rated, weatherproof jacket • Multi-layered shielding • Available in lengths of 1000 ft (304.8 m) TOUGHCable Connectors Specifi cally designed for use with Ubiquiti TOUGHCables, TOUGHCable Connectors protect against ESD attacks and Ethernet hardware damage, while allowing rapid fi eld deployment without soldering. The standard TOUGHCable Connectors are available in 100-pc. bags, while the TC-GND versions include ground wires and are available in 20-pc. bags. ESD attacks are the leading cause for device failures. The diagram below illustrates the areas vulnerable to ESD attacks in a network. By using a grounded Ubiquiti Power over Ethernet (PoE) Adapter along with Ubiquiti TOUGHCable and TOUGHCable Connectors, you can effectively protect against ESD attacks. Unshielded cable with no ESD drain PoE adapter with no earth ground Ubiquiti TOUGHCable Ubiquiti Instant 802.3af Adapter

2. INSTANT 802.3af Datasheet 2 Overview The Instant 802.3af Adapter transforms almost any Ubiquiti PoE (Power over Ethernet) device into a fully compliant 48V, 802.3af-compatible product. PoE Switch Compatibility The Instant 802.3af Adapter works seamlessly with a variety of 802.3af switches for remote power control applications. As you manage and monitor your network, you can conveniently power or power cycle your remote devices using your 802.3af switch. For ease of power management, you can centralize the 802.3af switch and power source, and you can include a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) as a backup. This way your network continues to run even during a temporary power outage. Ubiquiti Compatibility Available in both indoor and outdoor versions, the Instant 802.3af Adapter is compatible with most Ubiquiti PoE devices* using 100 Mbps ports, including: • airMAX ™ • airVision ™ • UniFi ™ • mFi ™ Longer Cable Runs High voltage carries power more efficiently (using less current) than low voltage. The Instant 802.3af Adapter enables longer 48V cable runs due to a more efficient power delivery – so your products can get the power they require even when they are located far from the 802.3af switch. ESD/Surge Protection The Instant 802.3af Adapter provides an additional ±15kV of Ethernet isolation for built-in protection that lessens the risk of ESD or surge damage to your devices. * Check product specifications to verify voltage compatibility. 802.3af Switch airMAX NanoBridge ™ M2 with Outdoor Instant 802.3af Adapter airCam ™ with Outdoor Instant 802.3af Adapter airMAX Rocket ™ M5 with Outdoor Instant 802.3af Adapter Outdoor products powered by 802.3af switch airMAX Product Compatibility airVision Product Compatibility RocketM ✓ airCam ✓ BulletM ✓ airCam Dome ✓ Bullet TitaniumM ✓ airCam Mini ✓ NanoBridgeM ✓ UniFi Product Compatibility NanoStationM ✓ UniFi AP ✓ NanoStationlocoM ✓ UniFi AP LR ✓ PowerBridgeM ✓ UniFi AP Outdoor ✓ NanoBridgeM ✓ mFi Product Compatibility airGridM ✓ mPort ✓ PicoStationM ✓ mPort Serial ✓ Ubiquiti products compatible with Instant 802.3af Adapters IN OUT IN OUT 802.3af Switch UniFi AP Outdoor with Outdoor Instant 802.3af Adapter airCam with Outdoor Instant 802.3af Adapter UniFi APs with Indoor Instant 802.3af Adapters Indoor and outdoor products powered by 802.3af switch


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